Below are some examples of some finished sets that have been made for other clients.  They come with pants, or you can purchase fabric and make your own to go with the showmanship top.   Many can be tucked in and also worn in horsemanship.

This showmanship set is done in black and white with a lace overlay at the shoulders.        Lots of stoning in various sizes and shapes to make it really sparkle and finished with a unique shaped hemline.

This burgundy SMS has pearlized pink and pearlized white lambskin trim, accented with lots of pearl trim and rhinestones.        The tan scrolling is a perfect match to wear with a tan hat.

This royal blue SMS is white ultrasuede outlined with a rust suede, and has a sheer overlay at the shoulders.   Lots of stones really make this sparkle.

This new SMS style is done in teal with silver outlined ivory trim.         Blue zircon, Crystal Ab stones and pearls trim this jacket design.

This showmanship jacket was made with turquoise and purple, with turquoise pants.   Square and triangular metal nailheads accent the design, as well as lots of rhinestones and jewels.

This New showmanship style is Nu royal linen look gabardine, with white ultrasuede outline with black.

This SMS set is striking in white with cobalt blue ultrasuede trim, and can be worn with white, or a contrasting color of pants.

This Showmanship jacket is done in white with orange, fuschia, turquoise, and lime green accent colors.

This teal belted jacket is a youth size, and would also work as a rail jacket.

This Showmanship jacket is made of polyester shantung (has a silk like sheen, but is also washable).     This style could also be shortened for a rail jacket.

This showmanship set is coral, with white ultrasuede trim, outlined in a dark coral ultrasuede.   

This SMS set is plum red with pink and white ultrasuede accents.

This SMS jacket is olive green linen look gabardine, with white ultrasuede trim,outlined in silver.  There are square Crystal AB checkerboard crystals over the jacket, and lots of other crystals to really make this sparkle.          

This periwinkle SMS set is made from polyester shantung, and

has white ultrasuede scrolling, outlined with silver.

This showmanship jacket is the new shorter style, and would also work as a rail jacket.    There are lots of rhinestones and pearls on this mint green jacket to really make it sparkle.  

There are also matching cuffs for this jacket.

This SMS set is in black and turquoise.