This page has some examples of jackets that have been made for clients.

This jacket has a lace overlay with extra stoning.       It has a curved hem, and can be worn as a rail jacket, or for showmanship.

This gray jacket would work for showmanship, or as a rail jacket.      It features black and fuschia trim.

This jacket is royal blue ultrasuede trim over black.    

    There are areas of fringe covered with rhinestones on this jacket.

This trendy new style jacket is  done in periwinkle and black.           There are fabric flowers over a silver sequined lace.       Round and navette pearls are used for trim, as well as many different jewels.          Silver chain fringe has been added to the front, back, and sleeves.     This style will say WOW! in the show pen.

This gray rail jacket has black and purple lace overlays with pearls and lots of stones.

This is actually a vest set with lace overlays.     There are gold spikes at the shoulder, and black leather fringe hanging from the shoulder.    Coordinating blouse also has lace overlays.

This black rail jacket has gold and black lace overlay with lots of pearls and rhinestones added to the design.

Vests are now very popular.      This one has royal blue lace over a black vest, with a matching royal blue HMS style shirt, or you could wear this with a button up oxford.

This white rail jacket has red and black trim, accented with rhinestones and beaded trim to really make you stand out in the show pen.

This rail jacket is trimmed with splash blue ultrasuede.       There is airbrushing on the body of the jacket, around the collar and on the sleeves.

This rail jacket was made for a youth and is done in red and pink shades on a white jacket.

This rail jacket style is black/white and purple.  This is an example of a style that is available.

This rail jacket style also would work for a SMS style, and is black/white/fuschia.

This jacket is black/raspberry pink/white and silver.     This style works for showmanship, or as a rail jacket.         

This rail jacket is black/white with leopard print and turquoise metallic pigskin trim.             This one really sparkles!

This jacket style will work for showmanship, or as a rail jacket, and can be done in a variety of colors.  

This rail jacket is splash blue ultrasuede with airbrushing at the yoke, sleeve hem, and around the collar edge.     Drybrushing is also added on the diagonal design.      

This Southwest style rail jacket features an eagle design on the back.

This rail jacket design can be done in a variety of colors.

This jacket is burgundy, blue and white.

This rail jacket style is red/black with crystal designs on the front, back and sleeves.

This rail jacket is done in royal blue with black and white ultrasuede trim, outlined in silver.

This rail jacket is black/white and fuschia with one inch beaded fringe at the waist.


 This rail jacket is white with black and fuschia ultrasuede trim.

This elegant jacket is done in all pearls.

This black and white rail jacket style features popular one inch beaded fringe.

This jacket can be worn as a rail jacket, or this style would also work for showmanship. 

Rail jackets are really popular this year!

This pleasure jacket is done in ivory gabardine, with red ultrasuede, and silver pigskin trim.